Warlocks History


In Summer, a quidditch team in Kortrijk is trying to start up.

Locals, in collaboration with the Belgian Quidditch Federation, bid for hosting the 2019 edition of the European Quidditch Cup Division One (EQC D1) in Harelbeke.

On 17th of October 2018, it is announced by Quidditch Europe that EQC D1 will indeed be hosted in Harelbeke.


In February, with the organisation in Kortrijk failing, some people behind the bidding try to (re)launch the team in Harelbeke, using the hype of EQC.

In March, some players of West Flanders Warlocks, join together with friends, family and “retired” quidditch players without a team to form a temporary team “Undead Dragons” to compete in the Belgian Quidditch Cup.

Over the next following months, the team keeps practising on their own account.

In May, EQC D1 takes place in Harelbeke, with great reception from the city officials and players all over Europe.

In September, they officially become a member of the Belgian Quidditch Federation and sign up to compete in the Belgian Quidditch League.

In October, West Flanders Warlocks plays their very first tournament: BQF Power Cup. Our very first game against Wonderful Sprouts is won. Starting off with a 100% win record. However, we lost the other 2 games that day.


In February, we play 2 historical League Days.

On February 9th, Belgian Quidditch League games take place on Harelbeke grounds for the first time. When playing the 2nd team of Ghent Gargoyles, the game sadly needs to be stopped due to storm conditions.

The week later, West Flanders Warlocks travel to Brussels, where we win our very first League Game against Wonderful Sprouts, meaning who wouldn’t finish last in the national rankings.

In March, our season suddenly stops due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.


It is only by Spring 2021 that the team finds its footing again.

To be continued…